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1. Promotion: Historically this is where we have concentrated our efforts (between this and weekend sales or special events). This is as simple as it gets. “Come in and purchase our product, and we will give you a vacation as a reward.” This serves to set your store apart from others in your area, giving you a competitive advantage and spicing up your advertising, at the same time giving added value to your customer. Need a boost in average sales? Set a minimum purchase requirement so that if a customer buys 3 pieces of furniture, or a pair of earrings with that necklace, they receive a complimentary one week stay at their favorite resort, or a trip to Florida for 2!

2. Weekend Sales/Special Events: Create a sense of urgency to ‘act now’. Adding a vacation incentive serves to increase the added value that the customer believes they will receive as a result of responding to the urgency. It can and will enhance your business’ advertising and helps to draw people into your store.
Those that purchase will be rewarded with the vacation incentive as a way of saying thank you for responding, and making our event a success. This can apply to weekend sales events, year-end clearances, new product introductions, inventory reduction events, etc.

3. Closing tools: After you have done all the work to get a potential customer in the store, the biggest problem is getting them to sign on the dotted line. You may often throw in extras like extended warranties, or cash discounts as a way of getting people to sign. However, those that have offered vacation incentive have found these to be a far more effective tool to get someone to sign the purchase agreement, and it often costs them less money.
Why not also use this opportunity to upsell? Set a minimum purchase requirement, so that if the customer buys $2000.00 worth of your product, they will be rewarded with a complimentary cruise or trip for 2 to Las Vegas!

4. Referral Program: All businesses have a program to reward customers who refer them new business. In the past, this has always been in the form of cash. It is always nice to receive cash, but it is not very exciting!
Energize your referral program by giving them a vacation!

5. Prize Giveaways – Enter to Win: This can often be run in conjunction with a weekend sales or special event. It will help to create more excitement in the showroom, and collect emails/contacts for future marketing opportunities. For those states in the U.S. that have restrictions on using incentives to purchase, this can be used to get people into the showroom for a no purchase- necessary prize draw, that will potentially lead to a purchase. Create an event, by giving away a “trip per day. All you have to do is come into the showroom and complete a ballot”. At the end of the day, a ballot is drawn, and a guest receives a complimentary vacation.

6. Private Sales: Private sales are an opportunity to create a ‘Special Event’ to reward previous buyers for their support. The best example is a direct mail invitation to anybody who has made a purchase with you before to attend a “special, by invitation only, event”. The guest will be made to feel “special”. You may want to add lights, a red carpet, a conservative sampling of bubbly and snacks. And, if the customer purchases during this time, they will receive a complimentary vacation as an added reward.

7. Loyalty Program: All businesses have a list of people who have been terrific repeat customers. These people have often been overlooked in terms of rewards because they did not purchase when there was an incentive program in play. This is a fabulous opportunity to reward someone for doing nothing but being a great customer in the past. They don’t have to do a thing. How many friends do you think they will tell?




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