Vacations USA are the originators of the Vacation Invitation Program which has extended millions of invitations to happy customers.

Specializing in sales promotion, our company has helped thousands of companies throughout the years to increase their customer base and profits by offering a vacation package to their customers at a fraction of their cost. Vacations USA  is located in a beautiful building in Monroe, NY. Our company has sold to major companies. The program has been used by representatives from Good Year Stores, Firestone Tire Stores, Budget Care Rental, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Avon and Electrolux just name a few. Thousands of smaller companies have also benefited from this program.

Satisfying customers is our way of doing business.

Shelly Lederman joined the company in 2010 as VP of Sales & Marketing. He brought with him 25 years of experience in the vacation incentive industry.

He has designed and implemented vacation incentive programs for the retail industry, financial industry, vacation ownership, travel & membership clubs, bridal industry and helped major charitable organizations with their fundraising programs.

If your company is interested in finding out how our vacation incentives can help in the sale of your product or service, generate additional floor traffic, reward your employees and existing client base or generate more donations for your charity.


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